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My Cat

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My Cat Empty My Cat

Post by erzyhazel on Wed Feb 03, 2010 2:07 am

I have one male black/white cat, well actually it belongs to my granny's but he's been living with us since I was in high school, which means 10 years ago. So, my granny named him 'Manis', it means 'Sweet'.

He is such a sweet and cute guy (I talked as if he was really a guy), he always brings a new girl home every week and gets kids every (about) three months.

This make all cats around the neighbourhood definitely jealous, cuz he attracks every girl, and that's why almost every night (or sometime day) he has one or two visits from his fellow enemies and fight and fight and fight.

If that happens, my grandfather's turn to drive them away by spilling them water.

Like today, a wild cat came and challenged Sweet to fight while I was installing my audi a4 turbocharger. They struggled and made noisy madness yells that made me stop working and drive them away.

Glad that Sweet was okay and got back to life hunting new girls while I then turned my back to my mother's cadillac A/C compressors. And spent the whole day working.


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